Volume Pills sh and murmuring Avon, Volume Pills is through an avenue of lime trees, the branches of which are interlaced archwise , as Lord Bacon would say, so as to form a green canopy of some length. The scenery is not what is called romantic , but soft and quiet, and calculated, above all things, to surround the tomb of the genial poet of human nature. I was determined to get into the church, though it was so early and, accordingly, after a little trouble, I found out the sexton, a fine old fellow, with a Saxon name, who was munching his Volume Pills breakfast in a large old fashioned room with latticed casements, half kitchen and half parlour. But he was too busy with his meal to be disturbed and accordingly he sent his wife with me to open the church, and I believe our footst.eps were the first which had that morning disturbed the holy silence of the place. The Volume Pills building Volume Pills is very fine, and even stately but the interest connected with Shakspeare absorbs all other feelings, and monopolizes one s admiration. I stood Volume Pills under his monument, on the very stone of his grave. Ibid. THE GATHERER. I am but a Gatherer and disposer of other men s stuff. Wotto

n. LORD RUSSEL. When my Lord Russel was on the scaffold, and preparing to be Volume Pills beheaded, he took his watch out of his pocket and gave it to Dr. Burnet, who zytek pills assisted his devotions, with this observation My time piece may be of service to you I have no further occasion for it. My thoughts are fixed on eternity. EPITAPH ON A SCOLD. Here lies my wife and heaven knows, Not less for mine male enhancement fruit infused wate recipe than her repose ON A MAN WHOSE NAME WAS PENNY. Reader, if in cash thou art. in want of any, Dig four feet deep and thou shalt find A PENNY. DRAMATIC SKETCH OF A THIN MAN. A long lean man, with all his limbs rambling no way to reduce him to compass, unless you could double increase semen load him like a pocket rule with his arms spread, he d lie on the bed of Ware like a cross on a Good Friday bun standing still, he is a pilaster without a base he appears rolled out or run up against a wall so thin that his front face is but the moiety of a profile male enhancement jackhammer if he stands Volume Pills cross legged, he Volume Pills looks Volume Pills like Volume Pills a Caduceus, and put him in a fencing attitude, you would take him best medicine for sex time increase for a piece of chevaux de frise to make any use of Volume Pills him, Volume Pills it must be as a spontoon or a fishing rod when

Volume Pills

his wife s by, he follows like a note of admiration see them together, one s Volume Pills a mast and the other all hulk she s a Volume Pills dome, and he s built together like a glass ho.use when they part, you wonder to see the steeple separate from the chancel, and were they to embrace, he must hang round her neck like a skein of thread on a lace maker s bolster to sing her praise, you should choose a rondeau and to celebrate him, you must write all Alexandrines. Sheridan s MSS. in Moore s Life of him. A man of words and not of deeds, Is like a garden full of seeds. STOLEN GOODS. A Negro in Jamaica was tried for theft, and ordered to be flogged. He begged to be heard, which being granted, he asked If white man buy tolen goods why he be no flogged too Well, said the judge, so he would. Dere, den, replied Mungo, is my Massa, he buy tolen goods, he knew me tolen, and yet he buy Volume Pills Volume Pills me. Elgin Courier. DECREASE OF LUNACY IN LONDON. According to the Parliamentary Returns in May, 1819, the total number of luna.tics comprised in the circle of London and different private asylums, amounted to 2,005, which Dr. Burrows calculates as proving Volume Pills an i

ncrease of only five on an average in twenty years, notwithstanding the increase of our population. The vimulti male enhancement late Dr. Heberden and Dr. Willan both Volume Pills concurred in this statement. The large hot rod male enhancement reviews district of Mary la bonne, which some years ago comprehended the greatest proportion of inhabitants in Volume Pills the metropolis, not less than 80,000, from 1814 to the year 1819 received only 180 female lunatics, and 118 males. INGREDIENTS OF MODERN LOVE. Volume Pills Twenty glances, twenty tears, Twenty hopes, and twenty fears, Twenty times assail your door, And if denied, come twenty more, Twenty letters perfumed penis enlargement sweet, Volume Pills Twenty nods in every street, Twenty oaths, and twenty lies, Twenty smiles, and twenty sighs, Twenty times in jea. lous rage, Twenty beauties to engage, Twenty tales to whisper low, Twenty billet doux to show, Twenty times a day to pass, Before a flattering Volume Pills looking glass, Twenty times to stop your coach, With twenty words of fond reproach, Twenty Volume Pills days of keen vexation, Volume Pills Twenty opera assignations, Twenty nights behind the scenes, To dangle after mimic queens, for natural male enhancement increase sexual stamina mood and blood flow Twenty such lovers may be found, Sighing for twenty thousand pounds, But take my w