Vividxt Male Enhancement gth to your Majesty of this in my other letter, and all that I have written there is little in comparison with the gravity of the matter. A proceeding that may cause much annoyance is, that the governors Vividxt Male Enhancement assign houses and hospitals to some of the religious without consulting and asking the opinion of the ordinary, and Vividxt Male Enhancement agreeing with the latter in the matter. For the governors, either to find someone to confess them and overlook Vividxt Male Enhancement these things, or to write to your Majesty and your councils in their favor, or not write to their prejudice, wish to satisfy the religious, times in a very unreasonable manner. Your Majesty is already informed of what Don Francisco Tello did here, Vividxt Male Enhancement giving the Augustinian fathers the chapel 25 of Nuestra Senora de Guia, where a secular priest was teaching, and some place or other at the port of Cavite, which came near resulting in great troubles. For the love of God, your Majesty should not leave our peace in the power of the ambition or the personal interests of a governor, but command that this be done immediately, as I understand your Majesty has already disposed and ordered. Vividxt Male Enhancement It is very necess

ary that your Majesty Vividxt Male Enhancement should order that if any secular priest commit some transgression, your royal Audiencia should not immediately summon him, but should give notice to the prelate and ordinary chinese male enhancement pills manufacturers to remedy it. This should apply to complaints imperial 2000mg platinum male sexual performance enhancement pill sent by the alcalde. mayor against the clergyman the alcades mayor are not so abject that they would not have even then their share of the fault. In short, they are ecclesiastics and it seems just that in the meantime the prelates should not be Vividxt Male Enhancement behind in punishing them, and in righting matters. The secular clergy should not go, Vividxt Male Enhancement on information Vividxt Male Enhancement that may often be when should i take extenze false, before audiencias and tribunals Vividxt Male Enhancement that are not ecclesiastical for thus the ecclesiastical state is much injured. The liberty of the cabildo of the city, and due secrecy for matters discussed best gnc male sexual enhancement pills there are very necessary and if any secretary or regidor has failed in this matter, it would be highly Vividxt Male Enhancement desirable that your Majesty command that he pills to improve memory and concentration be punished. Vividxt Male Enhancement If this be not done, your Majesty cannot be informed, or right matters. For Vividxt Male Enhancement the love of God, will your Majesty favor in all matters. the city and cabildo, and not leave this matter

Vividxt Male Enhancement

of favoring them to the governors and auditors for it is clear that these persons will not be pleased Vividxt Male Enhancement that there should be anyone who can have power to advise your Majesty, or oppose them. I beg your Majesty to be pleased to issue your royal decree so that the city may rent out the privileges of the commission exchange, which Vividxt Male Enhancement they hold by your Majesty Vividxt Male Enhancement s favor and that provision Vividxt Male Enhancement be made Vividxt Male Enhancement for them to rent it to the Chinese. Further, this concerns the trade of the Chinese, as there is no other trade here, and nothing else for which the said exchange could serve. These men, too, are in great need of aid, both for the marriages of their daughters and for the payment of their debts to the Chinese. Your Majesty should command that permission be given them to have all their mone.y brought from Mexico, as it has remained there these two or three years which is a great pity, in the condition in which this city is, and with the impaired credit of the Spaniards in their relations with the Chinese. The Chinese Vividxt Male Enhancement merchants, too, are being ruined, because the Spaniards are not prompt with their Vividxt Male Enhancement payments. They weep, and say If we owe anythin

g to the Spaniards, we are straightway thrown quick male enhancement pills power up male enhancement into prison until we pay and if the Spaniards owe us anything, we cannot collect it. By my Vividxt Male Enhancement best rated natural male enhancement pills other letter and Vividxt Male Enhancement accompanying documents, Vividxt Male Enhancement Vividxt Male Enhancement as well as the letters of others, your Majesty will see how necessary it is that this country should always be in a state of defense. For not only do we fear the Japanese, but the Chinese also seek to disturb our peace. Don Pedro de Acuna is a good soldier, and God will aid him may your Maje. sty male enhancement pills sold at walgreens be pleased to command the viceroy of Nueva Espana to aid with troops, powder, munitions, etc. Vividxt Male Enhancement In case of the removal of Don Vividxt Male Enhancement Pedro, and always, it is necessary that a good 360 male enhancement soldier should come here as governor and if he were that, and supported, not Vividxt Male Enhancement by many powerful persons in Hespana, but by his own valor and virtue alone, it would be a great advantage. The great church of this city is without ornaments, and greatly needs to be repaired, lest it fall to the ground. The services of worship there may cease, for there are only four salaried pre