Vialus Male Enhancement , the four women were unhappy, and Li Shan, who was dozens of Vialus Male Enhancement miles away, was completing a very important event. The annual summer harvest is in full swing, wearing a straw shoe in the field to sweat the working tenant, picking up the burdened wheat and picking it up to the empty space next to the field. Even if there was Vialus Male Enhancement heavy rain a few days ago, some wheat was drowned, Vialus Male Enhancement and it was impossible to reduce Vialus Male Enhancement the yield per mu of the fields planted by the Li family using the manure method, or even The forehead of the farmer Vialus Male Enhancement s forehead is all sweating beads. The excited Li s slaves who are responsible for weighing the weights said The two bears are 167 acres. Vialus Male Enhancement The two bears are one hundred and sixty eight acres. One hundred and seventy seven acres of wheat yielded 225 pounds One hundred and sixty eight acres of wheat produce 226 pounds The Lijia slaves shouted loudly, only to let the tenants who shuttled between the field.s hear the good news. In the past years of good weather, the per acre farmland produced more than two hundred kilograms of wheat. This year, the manure was used to grow wheat in Liangtian. Before the harvest, it was hit by he

avy rain. The yield per mu was as high as 220 kilograms or more. More than Vialus Male Enhancement one percent. A farmer s farm produces 60 acres of fertile land. At this point, at least volume 10 pills 2,000 kilograms of wheat is produced, and the black surface is nearly a thousand pounds. 646 country talent A pound of black noodles wholesale price of one and vxl male enhancement side effects a half x rock male enhancement pill copper coins, nearly a thousand pounds Vialus Male Enhancement of black noodles that is Vialus Male Enhancement nearly one and a half silver. Especially in the case of tenant Vialus Male Enhancement farmers who have received less than ten kilograms of wheat per acre due to heavy rain. The Li family triple green male enhancement pills s tenant is simply a wonderful Vialus Male Enhancement surprise. Li Jia is close to 500 acres Vialus Male Enhancement of fertile land. This is a tens of thousands of kilograms of wheat. It is more than 8,000 kilograms of black noodles. It earns more than a dozen silvers than Vialus Male Enhancement last year. Good Great exten plus 2100 male enhancement The method of accumulating manure is very good Li Shan smiled happily and his face muscles were stiff, and it was these words. I completely forgot that I used to strongly use all the land to use the manure method. Two officials riding high headed horses wearing Vialus Male Enhancement green robes and red robes rushed to the sceneThey are the agricultural officials o

Vialus Male Enhancement

f the farmer s department in the north, and they are going to count the yield of the fertile land in the field. A total of seven officials came here, five of whom stayed in the wheat fields of Jiangjia. The two men in Vialus Male Enhancement the green robe are from the six grade official position, and the red robe is from the five grade official position. The increase in the yield of wheat by more than 10 is much greater than the improvement of the large livestock variety of the Northland. After all, there are few wild grasses in the north, and there are not many farms that raise large animals. In every wheat farm, there are wheat farmers who can eat and stomach and not starve to death. The two officials of the farmer s department had already known Li Shan. This time, they sang the statistics Vialus Male Enhancement of the output of the mu, and once again lobbied Vialus Male Enhancement Li Shan from the Vialus Male Enhancement Yan army to transfer to the farmer. Fortunately, Li Shan did not let the happy stunned, knowing that his level is limited. It used to be farmed. Vialus Male Enhancement It is not as good as Jiang Qingyun. At noon, the sun is Vialus Male Enhancement very poisonous, and the tenant farmers are still harvesting wheat in full swing. Li Shan was afraid that t

he farmer would faint, and forced the tenant to go to the shade Vialus Male Enhancement to rest. Just Vialus Male Enhancement as Li top penis enhancement pills s slaves rushed to the green bean soup with the summer heat and the with the egg cake, expenise male enhancement Li Shan Vialus Male Enhancement warmly invited the two farm officials to follow. The egg cakes that Vialus Male Enhancement the farmer ate were drinking green bean soup, and then looking at the golden wheat ears, all the happy mouths could not be closed. It s really burned Gaoxiang in the last generation. In the past few years, I have been a tenant s farmer. I have food and clothing in the civil war. I don t have to go Vialus Male Enhancement wandering. Now I rely on Li s family to Vialus Male Enhancement learn increase blood flow penis the method of manure and fertilizer. A wrinkled old man ate a light cake and didn t take a break. He went to Lishan and asked, after Vialus Male Enhancement respectful respect, Master, I heard that the government plans to raise hundreds of fat pigs and thousands of chickens Li Shan sat on the floor wearing old clothes and legs, stopped eating cakes, and looked up highest rated male enhancement and Vialus Male Enhancement said, This is the case. The buffet of Yancheng Restaurant Commercial Complex is incredibly fired. It is necessary to xxtreme boost male enhancement pills kill two pigs and dozens of chickens every day to eat enough. Li Ruyi does