Sex Pills em as food and, at some length, the wonderful bamboo plant. He enumerates the imports into the Philippines from surrounding countries, and the occupations of the people therein who come to the islands and praises the wealth and comfort of that region. Chirino then mentions the coming to the islands of the various religious orders, especially recounting the labors and privations Sex Pills of his own order, the Jesuits, and the beginning of their Sex Pills settlement at Manila. Sex Pills Five priests, with one lay brother.are the founders Sex Pills of that work Suarez dies from overwork, Sanchez goes back to Europe, and Sedeno conducts the affairs of the mission laboring for the good of the colony in all matters, both spiritual and secular. The Jesuits exert considerable influence Sex Pills over the Chinese and Japanese who come to Manila. Sex Pills In chapter vi are Sex Pills enumerated the names of the larger islands in the Filipinas, and their extent is compared with that of Spain. Chirino next defines the bishoprics and religious provinces in the islands inserting in this account a description of the process of tattooing and proceeds to relate how the Jesuits extended their labors to the Indian villages outside of Mani

la. In the district of Balayan, they have baptized some seven thousand natives within ten years. The village of Taitai is removed, by Chirino s safe penis pills influence. and the superstitious fears of progentra male enhancement pills review the natives, to a more secure and healthful site. Sex Pills He describes the customs of the natives in bathing, which is a universal and frequent practice among them. On the 112 degrees male enhancement shore of the lagoon of Bai are hot springs, which have already become a Sex Pills noted health resort. Various trees native to the islands are described at length, as well as the Chinese method of reducing a large tree to a dwarf pot plant. Interesting particulars are given regarding the Bisayans and Sex Pills Negritos who inhabit Panay, and of a petty war Sex Pills between those peoples. The Jesuits have done excellent missionary work there, in the district Sex Pills of Tigbauan some particulars of this are related. One of their number, Martin Henriquez, Sex Pills male enhancement cream at walmart dies from overwork, and Chirino is ordered to return to Manila. Sex Pills In June, 1595, eight more Jesuits come with Morg. a and the missions of the order are now extended into Cebu, Leyte, and Samar. A chapter is devoted to the pious labors and death of increased seminal fluid Father Antonio Sedeno. In 1596 a large reenforcement

Sex Pills

of Jesuits arrives at the islands, headed by Francisco de Vera and the work of the order there receives new impetus. The missionaries in all the religious orders are able to master the native languages with so little difficulty that it seems Sex Pills a gift from heaven. Chirino gives some account of these, illustrated with specimens of three Tagalan, Harayan, and Visayan with the alphabet used by the Filipinos. He also praises the Sex Pills politeness, in word and act, of the Tagalos, and gives them credit Sex Pills for much musical ability. A chapter is assigned to the native alphabet and mode of writing. All, women Sex Pills as well as men, write and read and they have alr.eady learned to do so in the Spanish language as well as in Sex Pills their own. Chirino relates the progress of the Jesuit mission during the year 1596 97. The curriculum of the Manila college is enlarged, and its church which is described in detail is completed. A minute account is given of a nine days fiesta in honor Sex Pills of the relics of saints which are deposited in the church. At this time is begun the practice of self scourging as a voluntary penance. The Jesuit church is frequented by the Indians in great numbers, not only on

special occasions, but throughout the year and they display the Sex Pills utmost devotion, even forming among themselves a confraternity in honor of the relics. Their piety Sex Pills shows practical results, especially in the modesty and virtue of their women, qualities Sex Pills which the heathen neither value nor desire Chirino na. rrates some instances best prescription male enhancement pills of triumphant virtue. An account is given of the foundation and progress of the girls seminary of men with big loads Santa Potenciana and of the male enhancement testing various ministrations of the Jesuits in the hospitals and elsewhere in Manila. The writer relates the methods of conducting the mission of Sex Pills Sex Pills Taytay, and events there during the year 1597. Three fine churches are erected, and the missionaries gain the good will not only of those Indians, but even of the savages in the sizerect ultra advanced formula maximum strength male enhancement pills mountains the taming and highest rated male sexual enhancement pills conversion of one of these, the fiercest of his tribe, is narrated. Sex Pills After him, entire villages come to live near the mission, the father in charge helping them to establish their homes there he even converts all the heathen priests of one tribe. Not only the Tagalos but the Negrillos resort to the mission, and many are converted. Chirino. laments the idolatries and super