Male Enhancements Male Enhancements es Male Enhancements were tatooed and perfumed with aromatic oils. They used harpoons Male Enhancements and fishing nets, and had swords, lances, clubs, Male Enhancements and shields. When the Spaniards went on shore they found that the island was cultivated, and that spices were grown, of which they saw considerable stores. The whole group was at first called the Archipelago of Saint Lazarus, but it is now known as a portion of the Philippines. The island where the squadron anchored was called Humuna. The wine, it was found, was the sap of a tree, which was drawn out by cutting off a branch, into which a large Male Enhancements reed was fixed, and by its means the sap, of a light amber colour, with a tart Male Enhancements Male Enhancements taste, dropped out, when it was considered at once fit for drinking. The fruit, with which many of the voyagers now firs.t became acquainted, was described as big as a man s head, with two rinds, the outermost being green, two fingers thick, and full of strings and shreds. Within this was a shell of considerable thickness and very hard, the kernel being white

and of the thickness rx gold male enhancement review chinese made male enhancement of a finger, with a pleasant taste like that of almonds. In the midst was Male Enhancements a hollow full of pure limpid Male Enhancements water, of a very cordial and refreshing nature. When the natives man up male enhancement cream wish Male Enhancements to make male enhancement products reviewed oil of it, they leave the root to steep in water until it putrifies. They then set it over a fire, and boil it until the oil rises to the surface. Their visitors came from Male Enhancements the island of Zulvan, where they produced cinnamon, spices, cloves, nutmegs, ginger, and mace, which they brought off in their canoes. They exhibited also numerous articles made of gold. They had earrings of go. ld, and had jewels fastened with pieces of gold to their arms, besides which they possessed daggers, Male Enhancements Male Enhancements knives, and lances ornamented with the same metal. They ava awards male enhancement winner were broad shouldered, well made men, of olive colour, their naked bodies being well greased and anointed with oil. On the 25th of March the squadron left Humuna, and steering between numerous islands, again brought up off the island of Mazagua. The Admiral having

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on board a slave, a native of Sumatra, took him to act as interpreter in his intercourse with the chief Male Enhancements or Rajah of the island. Everything was done to impress the Rajah with the power of the Europeans, and the dignity of the King their master. The Rajah was a fine looking man, with long hair, of an olive complexion, and his body perfumed with sweet oil. He had gold rings in his ears, three on every f.inger, and on his head he wore Male Enhancements Male Enhancements a fine silk turban, while a piece of cotton, Male Enhancements embroidered with silk and gold, covered his body to the knees. At his side he carried a long dagger, with a Male Enhancements gold handle and a scabbard of fine carved wood. He and his Court were constantly chewing the areca nut. In order to impress the Rajah Colambu, as the prince was called, with the power and superiority of Europeans, the Admiral dressed up one of his sailors in complete armour, and directed three others to cut at him with swords, and endeavour to pierce him with their poniards. The Rajah, on seeing that he was unharm

Male Enhancements ed, was much astonished, and remarked that one warrior so protected might contend with a hundred foes. Yes, replied the Admiral, through his interpreter, and each of my three vessels Male Enhancements has two hundred armed in the same manner The natives appeared to have no religious rites, but only lifted up their faces, their hands joined together, towards heaven when they called upon their god Abba. Under the idea of Male Enhancements inducing the natives to become Christians, the Admiral Male Enhancements vacuum penis pumps landed on Easter Day, with a banner, on which was portrayed a cross, a crown of thorns, and nails. He told all his men to reverence it, and Male Enhancements informed the Male Enhancements sinrex male enhancement drug scam Rajah that it should be set up on some high mountain, not Male Enhancements only as a memorial of the good treatment varicocele and male enhancement pills the Christians had received, but Male Enhancements for his own security, since sign awards best male enhancement product if they devoutly prayed to it, they would be protected from lightning and thunder. Some of the Spaniards then received the communion, and no 1 male enhancement pill after discharging their muskets, to the great astonishment of the savages, returned to their shi