Extenze Ingridients complexion, and generally more comely, than are the other Bissayans. They are a race of such spirit and valor that they have spread through many neighboring islands, where their descendants still preserve the name of Boholans of which they are very proud just as we, when in foreign kingdoms, are proud of the name of Spaniards. The island is rich in mines and placers of gold, and abundantly provided with game, fish, rice, sugar cane, palms, and other kinds Extenze Ingridients of food. In the year one thousand five hundred and sixty four, the adelantado Miguel Lopez de Legazpi arrived there with his fleet entering Extenze Ingridients through the channel which they call El Extenze Ingridients Frayle The Friar when, as we have stated, he set out from Nuev.a Espana in quest of those islands. A chief of that island, named Catunao Extenze Ingridients whom our fathers have now baptized, as we shall soon Extenze Ingridients relate gave information to Miguel Lopez of Sebu which is six leguas distant from Bohol , and, accompanying him thither as a guide, was of great assistance to him in the reduction of the island. It

was the good fortune of Father Juan de Torres and Father Gabriel Sanchez to instruct this people, penis enlargemenr for they were the first preachers of does extendz work Extenze Ingridients Jesus Christ in Bohol. They entered the island with much confidence and consolation, on learning that its people, like those in the neighboring island of Sebu, did not practice polygamy an affliction which to the fathers in Ibabao and Leite was a source of great sorrow, since Extenze Ingridients they found in this evil custom a serious impediment to the conversion of many who were not ot. herwise hindered from receiving holy baptism. Not only were the Boholans free from this, but none of their immoral practices for they had others could hinder their conversion for all at once they abandoned all of these, together Extenze Ingridients with their idolatry. Those fathers wrote free male enhancement herbs with free shipping to us concerning two in particular, of which although they are not peculiar to Extenze Ingridients the people Extenze Ingridients of that island, but are general among what is the best male enhancement pills all the others I desire to give an Extenze Ingridients account jackhammer male enhancement pills for the better understanding and greater clearness of this narrative one rela

Extenze Ingridients

tes to their dead, and their mode of Extenze Ingridients shrouding and burying them the other, to their feasts, festivals, and drunken revels. I shall speak of the general practices in both, beginning with the first. The manner which the Filipinas had of shrouding and burying their dead. Chapter XXXIII. The first and last concern.of the Filipinos in cases of sickness was, as we have stated, to offer some sacrifice to their anitos, or Extenze Ingridients divatas, which were their gods. These sacrifices were offered, as we have said, with dancing to the sound of a bell and it would happen, as I have sometimes heard, that in the most furious part of the dance and the bell ringing, when the catolona or bailana was exerting most force, Extenze Ingridients all at once she Extenze Ingridients stopped at the death of the sick person. After the death there followed new music, the dirges and lamentations, which were also sung, accompanied by weeping, not only by the mourners but by others the former Extenze Ingridients on account Extenze Ingridients of their sorrow and grief the latter for their wages and profit, for they were hired for

this purpose, as is and has been the custom among other nations of greater maximus 300 male enhancement strips reputation. To the sound of this sad mus. ic nutro male enhancement they washed the body of the Extenze Ingridients dead person, perfuming it with the gum of the storax tree and other aromatics which they are wont to use, and clothing it Extenze Ingridients in the best garments which the dead man possessed then, after having kept and mourned over growing penis it for three days, they buried it. Others anointed the Extenze Ingridients body with aromatic balsams which prevent corruption, especially vividxt male enhancement with the juice of a sort of ivy which grows there abundantly, and is truly a very valuable Extenze Ingridients drug, which they call buyo. 92 It is very pungent, and for the living is a notable stimulant, also strengthening the teeth, hardening the gums, and sweetening Extenze Ingridients Extenze Ingridients the breath. Consequently both Spaniards and Indians make much use of it, and always carry Extenze Ingridients it in their mouth, as they male breat enhancement lactation do i need breast pump use the coca in Piru. With the juice of this plant, then, they anointed t