Extens Male Enhancement alue Li Ruyi so much. The heart is secretly surprised. Hong Xinghua gave Li Ruyi an encouraging look. Zhou Ying whispered The county magistrate, Wang Ye is going to introduce you to the officials of Chu. Li Ruyi was moved and said It s too formal. In this way, she returned to the courtyard where she lived and changed her clothes, and then Xu Haisheng took the Extens Male Enhancement road to the Chamber of the Chu Wangfu. Xu Haisheng said while walking We h.ave a rough folk customs. In some areas, even women are the masters of the country. During the border wars, women Extens Male Enhancement are also martial arts defenders. The Chu army has female detachments. However, Extens Male Enhancement the female detachment Disbanded after the war. Li Ruyi said My two disciples and four guards are women. Xu Extens Male Enhancement Haisheng, who recognized the six women who went out from Chu Wangfu, curiously asked Why didn t Extens Male Enhancement you see Scorpio this time Li Ruyi said frankly The seven disciples are more than the doctors, and the first two Extens Male Enhancement can accompany me to Chu. The fourth day of the Extens Male Enhancement Tianzhu, they will stay in Yancheng to continue their medical skills. Xu Haisheng was unwilling to be strict with Li Ruyi on the disciples of the Big Dipper. When the seven disciples were in the

Chu Wangfu, the cattle were incredible. I don Extens Male Enhancement t know if I could see the Extens Male Enhancement cows after Li Ruyi s medical skills. hgh pills for weight loss Smiled The county owner has a good pump for male enhancement teaching. Li Ruyi asked How far is Kuncheng from Extens Male Enhancement the border defense Xu Haisheng has traveled all over the place in the land of Chu, and is a living Extens Male Enhancement map of walking. He replied There are nearly five Extens Male Enhancement hundred miles, and one hundred of them are mountain roads. It is difficult to walk. Li Ruyi continued to ask The cities from Kuncheng to the border defense are also Extens Male Enhancement spring all year round, and the flowers are rotten This is related to the wedding cerem.ony she gave to Zhou Jingchen, and must be inquired clearly. Yes. Not only flowers, but also many lakes. There are flowers and fish, it is a good place to live. how to create more semen Xu Haisheng s subtext penis enlargement gels is that we are Extens Male Enhancement so good, the county owner quickly moved with his family. Is there a flood in the lake This, the flood is there. There are floods in several places in the rainy season. It is normal. reload male enhancement pills work In fact, in the rainy season, it is more than a few places, but many places are floods, and even Kuncheng has been flooded. This is not, Xu Haisheng was scared away by Li Ruyi, and he said it was more implicit. L

Extens Male Enhancement

i Ruyi s heart the flood in Chu, the snow disaster in the north. It is always the people who suffer. Slowly said There is no good way to control the floods, only to let the people live in high places. Xu Haisheng said with some emotions The people have no money to move, they can only resign. I see the people of Extens Male Enhancement Chudi are richer than the people of the North. At least after entering the Chu, they did not see the villagers who worked naked in the fields. It was not like the Northland. When they passed Shangxian, they could always see this. The villagers, hey, the villagers don t want to be like this, it s all too bad. Extens Male Enhancement Xu Haisheng vaguely felt that Li Ruyi did not intend to say these words, and he slowed down the steps. He said There is not muc.h wealth. The people of Chu are guarding the rivers and land of Chu, as long as they are not so lazy, they Extens Male Enhancement can The river catches fish and grows food in the ground. It will not starve to death, but it is hard to think about Extens Male Enhancement it. If you have a disease, you can see a Extens Male Enhancement doctor and read it for your child. It is very difficult. It seems that there are poor people everywhere. Li Ruyi asked I am very concerned about the people s livelihood I

am very concerned. Xu Haisheng lowered Extens Male Enhancement his voice This summer flood, Wang velvet bean male enhancement Ye almost took the gold and silver of the Wangfu Treasury zen gold male enhancement to the victims of Chu. Li Ruyi whispered Saved for a Extens Male Enhancement while and could not save size genetics video the world. Yes. The lower officials and other people persuaded the prince, Wang volusperm Ye to dispel the thoughts. Xu Haisheng shook his head, the gold and silver treasures of Extens Male Enhancement the Wangfu Treasury were Extens Male Enhancement all robbed from the enemy, but they could not be Extens Male Enhancement sent all at once. Going out, the expenses of the Wangfu are so large, and there Extens Male Enhancement is also a big gap top brain boosting supplements in the military spending of the Chu Army. Wang Ye does not know how to make the people rich,