Dick Pumps ed the chief Dick Pumps priestess herself. Their second care which they put into execution was to take.away from these people the idols, a great number of which Dick Pumps were seized. Some of these were of clay, others of wood and two, in particular, were made from two great teeth of the cayman, set in gold, in which metal the head of the anito was shaped at the point of the tooth. In neither the residence nor the country house of the head priestess, however, could her idol be found nor could it be discovered Dick Pumps by means of her, or by rummaging through her furniture and utensils, and searching often and most diligently nor Dick Pumps Dick Pumps would she reveal Dick Pumps it. This idol had promised her, so she said, that they should never find it, even if they should tear down and destroy the house consequently, it enjoined her not to fear the father who was conducting this search, or any of his agents or helpers for it was more powerful than any of them. But, as.God is indeed more Dick Pumps powerful, He influenced the faithful and zealous heart of Father Diego de Santiago who was then instructing that village, and made these investigations at the instance and orders o

f the vicar general and provisor of Manila to decide that he would not relax or give up the search for this demon until he should find it. Being quite certain that it was in the house although he had already searched there for it retail viq male enhancement several times , he returned for the Dick Pumps last time with the determination to demolish the house, and to examine every part of it, piece by piece, to see Dick Pumps if by chance he might find the idol hidden in some hole. Before setting about this task, his glance fell upon a cane prop Dick Pumps old, weather beaten, and stained by xxxstacy male enhancement smoke Dick Pumps which from a joist of the house, supported the ridge pole of the roof this is the mode. of construction used for strengthening the houses. I do not Dick Pumps know what he saw in hcg triumph drops that prop, but he immediately ordered it to be cut down and its contents to be examined. This time, he penis plus who was more powerful than all others was overcome for, being found like all the rest, and the gold Dick Pumps being removed for the service of the church, fxm male enhancement tracking this idol went, with the others, into the fire. The demon was so insulted and hurt at this trick that, not being able to wreak any other vengeance, he began accompan

Dick Pumps

ied by many others the following night to torment the poor Catolona with visions and cruel threats. Already undeceived as to the Dick Pumps weakness of her idol, she sought for conversion, and, hating the demon, begged for mercy. With the help Dick Pumps of a cross which was given her as a defense, although the terror continued, the threats were not put in.execution and finally the demon abandoned her as she had him. On one of the feast days, all their errors were publicly refuted in the church, and the priestesses remained convinced, repentant and reconciled by the Dick Pumps authority of the ordinary, as I have stated. They all betook themselves to a place where, removed from temptations, they could not relapse into their evil ways bolver al bomito. Dick Pumps They were placed in charge of devout and Christian persons, in whose company they lead Christian and exemplary lives. The people were so thoroughly undeceived by this event that for several days they not only brought in Dick Pumps their idols, garments, vessels, and other belongings of their ancestors, so that not a trace of that lineage remained but there was the utmost religious fervor, and a Dick Pumps great

number of general Dick Pumps confessions, Dick Pumps by means of. which their consciences were purified. best new male enhancement Into many good souls there entered such fear and real natural penis enlargement awe, l carnitine amazon and such distrust and scrupulosity regarding this evil, that the, hearing of these general and oft best male sex enhancement pills philippines repeated confessions made even by those who had no share in it lasted months, and even years. I can affirm, as one who has seen it all and touched it with my very hands, that of this wound which the devil tried to inflict upon that tender part, vital peak xt male enhancement the entire body of that mission and encomienda not only remained sound, through the great mercy of God, Dick Pumps but much stronger than ever before, as will be seen in the Dick Pumps rest of this narrative. But Dick Pumps as a conclusion to this incident I must not neglect what befell Don Francisco Amandao, chief of that village an Dick Pumps aged man, of e